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 Blake MacKay


Restaurant Consultant.

Haver of Good Taste.







Salty ice cream

Harry Potter

70s modern architecture

Bourbon, rocks

The Slate Culture Gabfest

Peas and butter


Tokyo, Paris, Melbourne, and The Catskills



Drinking from a coupe

Press releases

Mouth noises

Rudeness toward hospitality pros

Under-seasoned pizza

The patriarchy


And some things people said about me:

“There is no doubt in our minds that without Blake’s help, our little restaurant would not be where it is today. With her creativity, she helped us find a distinct point of view at a time when we did not even know that is what we needed. We can fondly remember her turning our tireless rants into focused pitches and our discouraged mindset into motivated ambition. She always shared in our triumphs both big and small. Blake is reliable, energetic, and a pleasure to work with. She gets it done.” —Elise Kornack and Anna Hieronimus, owners of Take Root, the best little restaurant in New York City

"Restaurant publicists so often seem like robots, dispatched to send generic press releases and leave voicemails 'just following up.' Blake not only seems to deeply understand and appreciate the work of her clients, but she also has a firm grasp of the work of journalists at each publication. She only pitches ideas that are a good fit for a specific writer and outlet, and whenever I hear from her, I pay close attention. And, as a bonus, she's also a super nice human, and a loyal Justin Bieber fan, through thick and thin. If she didn't give up on Justin, she's sure not going to give up on you." —Sierra Tishgart, Senior Editor at Grubstreet and maven of cool, eats and otherwise

“I pay attention when I get an email from Blake! She's persistent, she's not afraid to pitch and her pitches are always relevant. Plus, I always enjoy working with #teamblake.” —Kerry Diamond, co-founder of Cherry Bombe, and all around Beyoncé of food publishing

“I wouldn't knock her hustle. Blake has the uncanny ability to make life happen. She knows where to eat, where to shop, and what to watch. Her skill with a turn of phrase is unparalleled. Blake should be studied for future generations as she is the coolest, kindest, and most hard-working.”—Sam(antha) Srinivasan, former co-worker and big boss at Sechel PR, a one-stop shop for all your entertainment publicity needs

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